The POWER of Choice

The POWER of Choice | an eMail Marketing Experiment

Running a little marketing experiment here:
I will be giving YOU – my reader – the POWER of Choice; and I will share the stats and results after that, of course.

Today, there have been not one, but TWO different offers that catch my eye in my Inbox:

  1. Ultimate Opt-In List Profits
  2. Simple Subject Line Secrets
Ultimate Optin List Profits

Ultimate Optin List Profits

 “Ultimate Opt-In List Profits

Number one pertains to list building.

It is mostly fit to rather new eMail Marketers who just get started;

and it comes with PLR
(private label rights) attached to it.

I personally know the author and the product shows the quality he always strives to be giving.

Well done Jeremy!

Simple Subject Line Secrets

Simple Subject Line Secrets

Simple Subject Line Secrets

The second one is for the more advanced eMail Marketers out there – the perfect fit for prospects and buyers of my own
Sexy eMail Marketing” product
(as a matter of fact one of the BEST fitting and supporting products I could find so far)

It is basically a product that gets together two high profile copywriters out there:

  • Lawton Chiles (who wrote marketing copy for people like Amish Shah, Mike Koenigs, Trey Smith, or Frank Kern) – and
  • Bond Halbert (son of the legendary copywriter and marketing wizard Gary C. Halbert himself) at the same time a highly esteemed copywriter in his own right.

I can’t recommend this product highly enough and do it justice.  What can I say…trust me on this one…it rocks!

So my little experiment goes like this.

What’s In It For Me? – you may ask…

I decided to grant a bonus personal copy of the first product – which I can give you that way, attached to a purchase.

Whomever finds the second product interesting enough to buy through my link will get it.

(and you know the drill .. clear your cookies, buy and send me the PayPal receipt to my support email, so I can send you the bonus)

In such a case though… you would only get personal rights (consume the content only, basically)

If you find the second product looks like being too advanced for you, I am sure the first one would be an excellent fit for your current level of marketing, then.

The advantage would be that you can also use it to build your own eMail Marketing Funnel that way (PLR rights = Private Label Rights)

Some people, I’m sure… may find these two gems SO valuable… that they would forget about my bonus and just purchase BOTH of them, to get the maximum they can from the first product as well.

I can only hail that!  If that is the case, still send me an email; I’ll make sure to add you to my personal list of the most interested customers – and some future products discounts, too…

After this will get a bit older and some sales will pour in, I will return and show you what was in fact the most common choice:  #1, #2, or #1+#2 products together?

Let’s get it rolling then…

What To Do Next:

Here are the links for you, again:

  1. Ultimate Opt-In List Profits
  2. Simple Subject Line Secrets



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  1. I vote for SimpleSubject Line Secrets

  2. Thanks Steve – subject line comments are always a big challenge for emails and always great to get some handy tips. That’s the one that caught my eye from the choice of two! ~Donna

  3. Great blog! I do not market via email. Great information in case I decide to later on. :)
    My recent post My Books – Orders

  4. francenestanley says:

    I always like the simple answer. Subject line secrets.
    My recent post June 21st