Inboxing vs. Spamboxing Best Tip – eMail Deliverability past the anti-spam filters en-route

Inboxing vs Spamboxing or Junkboxing – eMail Deliverability Best Tip

When it comes to eMail Deliverability, there would be a few common sense rules to follow as well as some more advanced technical tweaks that would certainly help/doom an eMail Marketer drop their broadcast newsletter either in the Inbox or the Spambox/Junkbox of their audience, presuming they made it past the email anti-spam filters en-route.

Inboxing vs Spamboxing eMail Deliverability Best Tips

Inboxing vs Spamboxing

Inboxing Best Tip Ever!

However, there is no other more powerful technique I know of other than kindly asking your subscriber – and succeed at persuading her doing so – to add you to the contact list of their email client/service, thus basically whitelisting you as a trusted email sender.

Now…arguably, some would say that even before you stand a chance to get there (Inbox) there would be many filters along the way that you should get through – and I have to absolutely agree with that.

This is not the main topic of the article at hand here though, but rather how to Inbox more than Junkbox your messages once they already arrived in your prospect reader’s email client or service.

For a few other tips on how to avoid your emails being trapped by the anti-spam filters en-route, you may read more here…

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However, assuming you already did that, here comes the BIG difference:
What would your subscriber really THINK your eMail is looking like.

If you write exactly as you would write to a dear and old friend .. and you make sure to write as if you were actually talking, face to face – in a friendly environment both of you would like – THEN… you hit the Inbox 100%!

Better eMail Copywriting Inboxing Tip

Imagine this scenario…

You have a newsletter aimed at carpentry hobbyists (this is just an example).

A salesy message like:

Buddy, here is the most awesome electric Compact Belt Sander known to man… Check it out!!!

…is hardly a friendly written one.
You would expect that from a direct salesman,
not a friend sharing the same hobby and passion.

Your prospect may very soon get bored being ‘bombarded’ with such emails and soon mark you as a spammer, even if initially they subscribed to your newsletter and you have the right to send them emails.

However, if you change it maybe like this:

Jim, I went to the hardware shop today looking for a good compact belt sander – my 10 years old one just crashed on me when I was in the middle of a job.  They had a promotion for one of them so I took the bait and bought it.  Already tested and I finished the job I had in like 10 minutes, man… That was really much better than before…

As you can see, this one is not a bit salesy, but is a friendly short story you tell your friend Jim occasionally at the bar, sipping drinks, because he may be interested too, sharing the same hobby as you do.

Is that prone to be read and even get a click-through to the page where the darn thing is on sale, or what?

Trust me on this one, if you never tested such emails…it really makes a big difference when you start doing it.  I’m an email metrics expert and an email testing freak as well.  I KNOW my numbers!

Moreover, Jim is now more inclined to read you more in the future, to add you to his contact list so that he always get your messages AND if by any means sometimes you accidentally get Spamboxed .. he would hunt your message and bring it back to the Inbox manually.

Is that powerful or what?

This would definitely increase your eMail Deliverability on the long term.

Granted the above example is drilling a bit into best practices of eMail Copywriting for better readership and increased open rates and click-through rates as well, not only Inboxing in particular.

Double Your Open Rates and Click-Through Rates with Sexy eMail MarketingBut given my profession and specialty, I really can’t help it, ha, ha, ha…. You can read much more about that on my site here, dedicated to such subjects as…

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Sexy eMail Marketing

- by Steve Lorenzo |
Master eMailSmith

In closing, I need to say again that nowadays, the anti-spam filters en-route may still be a bit mechanical in their approach at filtering, although they evolved quite a lot since the 90’s … and 00’s (as in after the year 2000).

But the ultimate spam filters are in fact your recipients, your readers, your audience.

Don’t try to trick them.  Bring them value AND eMail entertainment and they will be hooked for life.
And as a corolary, your eMail deliverability’s Inboxing vs Spamboxing balance would tilt towards Inboxing more often, that’s for sure!



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"Steve is the consummate copywriter with great skills" - Copywriter Extraordinaire, Joe Sugarman Steve Lorenzo is also the internationally acclaimed author of the "Sexy eMail Marketing" book.


  1. I always knew that Steve Lorenzo was a good copywriter – but I didn’t realize quite how good he is, until I got my copy of Sexy eMail Marketing.

    Reading the book didn’t do my ego any good either – I had always thought that my e-mails to my lists were excellent – NOW I know they were not and what’s more – I now know why they were not.

    He deserves the title: ‘Master eMailsmith’
    Thank you!
    Dr Bruce

    • Steve Lorenzo says:

      Very glad to see a happy customer here – Thank you for your kind words!

      I wish there would be more people… actually I wish ALL email marketers would read it.
      Our Inboxes would look much much better.
      It would be a real pleasure and excitement to read emails again, just as it was a few years ago…

      As in fact the situation is now the way we all know it is… those who read my eBook will have, in turn, a much better chance to be read and followed.

      "In all evil there is a seed of good hidden" – says a word of wisdom from around here where I live…

      In this case, the fact is that WE, the few people applying what I preach there, stand out from the Inbox like a glowing torch in the dark.

      Thanks again for being a customer of mine. I appreciate your business!

  2. erinemhatton says:

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing. I heard a great quote from Thomas Umstadtt Jr. "The only difference between creepy and charming is permission." The trick is getting that permission. :)

    • Very well put, Erin – and perfectly true!

      I'm gonna 'steal' that quote from your comment and use it somewhere in a future post. Makes perfect sense to me.

      Thanks for sharing,

  3. amandathom says:

    I've had a bit of experience with email marketing now and I find that just writing like I'm talking to a friend is what works, just like with blogging. It's a lot easier since I seem to quickly become friends with everyone on my list as is. =D
    My recent post First Sale on New Amazon Review Site! Yay!

    • Yes, you never write to a 'list' but instead, focus writing to the avatar of your perfect prospect.
      Imagine them as a close friend and just write to that 'person' – it's guaranteed to be successful!

      Thanks for the comment, Amanda. Looking forward to see you coming back…

  4. Nice tips and a good trick Steve.. Thank you for sharing among us. BTW I'll try your eBook, but not now. By next week..
    My recent post The Best Anti-Spam Plugin for WordPress Which Really Works


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